Responding to Criticism

Good advice from Kevin

K Morris - Poet

Whilst out walking yesterday, I bumped into an acquaintance.
“I like your poems. I’m not sure about the limericks though”.

His comment concerning my latest collection “Leaving and Other Poems” made me smile. I appreciate good honest feedback and that is what I received.

I could have pointed out that others have said how much they enjoy my humorous verses, (which indeed they have). However, I said words to the following effect:
“I’m really pleased you like my poems”.
We chatted for a while about other matters, then we both went our separate ways.

I have seen other authors/poets become defensive when their writing is critiqued however gentle the criticism is. Whilst I completely understand why writers adopt this position – they have slaved long and hard over their computer to produce their work – not everyone is going to like everything you have written, and as authors/poets we need…

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