NEW RELEASE: Bloody Delta Dawn, by Jerold Last…

Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Suspense


A family vacation to the Sacramento River Delta area of California, where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers flow into San Francisco Bay, turns into another complicated murder case for the detective couple to solve.

Roger is hired to find missing show dogs that have been stolen from their registered owners.

However, Roger and Suzanne’s nanny and au pair, Bruce, finds the body of a former navy SEAL he served with in the Middle East, and becomes the only suspect in a murder case.

Drug dealers, motorcycle gangs, corrupt cops, kidnapped dogs, and the unique geography and history of the delta are all weaved into the plot of this suspenseful thriller.

Series fans and new readers alike will enjoy this mystery novel, which can be read as a standalone entry to the series.  Available in e-book and paperback versions.  Free from Kindle Unlimited.




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