Behind the Scenes: Google Street View – by Winona Kent…

on Judy Penz Sheluk blog:

I use Google Street View a lot. I have a terrible—no, make that nonexistent—sense of direction. If I need to be somewhere I’m not familiar with, I always pop onto Google Maps and click the little orange man in the bottom right corner, and he soon shows me what that building or house looks like from the road.

But Google Street View also has an incredibly useful role to play in the research for my Jason Davey Mystery series, whose stories are mostly set in England.

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7 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Google Street View – by Winona Kent…

  1. What do you think of my solution dealing with no sense of direction? During my military service i had to use maps, but i have also no real sense of direction, never in the wilderness. So I looked for a subordinate who would take over this work for me. Lol xx Michael

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