Critiques and Rejections #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Negative feedback is a necessary part of growth. When we submit our work to a critique group, we will get feedback, some of which will be perceived as unfavorable. The writing life is a rough playground. Some of us handle rejection or a thorough critique with grace and dignity, and others make an uncomfortable situation worse.

MyWritingLife2021BWe are emotional creatures. When we are just starting on this path, getting an unbiased critique for something you think is the best thing you ever wrote can feel unfair.

But it isn’t. No one writes perfect work all the time, but we have our moments of brilliance. It’s just they are moments, and some areas of a good work-in-progress will need revising and line editing to make it shine. A writers’ group can help you find the weaknesses in the overall story arc.

I have received my share of criticisms and rejections…

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One thought on “Critiques and Rejections #amwriting

  1. I love this entire blog. I’m sure my friends think I’m crazy when I tell them, “I got the nicest rejection today.” Whether it contains a seed of encouragement or, better yet, a specific criticism, I truly appreciate it. Being a writer is a lot like being an actor–you have to get used to rejection. May as well learn from it. Thanks!

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