Cuddly-Looking and Deadly: BEARS!

Legends of Windemere

I remember growing up with a show called ‘Wild America’.  My favorite episode was one where Marty Stouffer raised an orphaned grizzly bear cub.  I didn’t realize it was a movie either because I was entranced by it as a kid.  While tigers and wolves remained my favorite, I still had an interest in bears.  I always love seeing them at zoos and would hope to see one if I was going through a wooded area.  Never got a chance even when I visited family near Bear Mountain, which was aptly named.  Maybe one day even though I hope it’s from a far distance.

Not sure about the endangered categories though.  Most bears are listed as either ‘least concern’ or ‘vulnerable’.  Polar bears are in the latter category even though I swear they’re supposed to be endangered.  Some sites had pandas as vulnerable and others as endangered.  The sun bear…

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