Defining and Developing Your Author Voice – by September Fawkes…

Previously I talked about the differences and similarities between the author’s voice, narrator’s voice, and characters’ voices. I decided that my voice equation could actually work at any of those levels:

What the Person Thinks or Talks about + How He Talks about It = Voice

Voice is essentially that person’s personality and how that is rendered on the page. On some level, there is some overlapping of the characters’ voices, narrator’s voice, and author’s voice–and ultimately, the former two types fit into and help make up the author’s voice.

Like any kind of voice, defining and nailing down an author’s voice can feel a little elusive at first, especially if the author’s work varies widely and his or her writing has evolved over the years. How do you figure out your own author’s voice? And do you need to work at finding, gaining, and developing it?

First, let’s revisit what was stated in our previous post about the writer’s voice.

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