How to Speed Up Your Author Website – by Thomas Umstattd Jr…

on Author Media:

I was working at a coffee shop a couple of weeks ago when a Novel Marketing listener spotted me and came over to say hi. She also had a question for me. Her website just would not rank on Google, and she wanted to know why Google was ignoring her.

I poked around the website and found that her site was decently coded.

Then I ran a speed test. Her site flunked.

The Problem With a Slow Site

A few years ago, Google started penalizing slow websites by ranking them poorly in search results. All else being equal, the slower your site, the worse you rank.

Ranking on Google can be a great way to get attention from new readers. More website visitors mean more email subscribers for you. More email subscribers will eventually lead to more book sales for indies and better contracts for traditional authors.

So having a fast website really matters for authors.

How do you make your website fast? How do you know if it’s slow?

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