Why You Should Write What You Don’t Know – by Beatrice Manuel…

On Live Write Thrive:

We’ve all heard the golden advice passed down from generations of successful writers and authors etched into history. The great Mark Twain said it himself: “Write what you know.” I’m here to tell you to do the opposite of the status quo.

Going beyond my comfort zone was one of the best things I did, both for my creative path as an aspiring writer and as a freelance content creator. In 2017, I was sitting in my college dorm and watching my roommate read 50 Shades of Grey when it all began. She had a painful grimace on her face and, after a good ten minutes, put the book down with a huff.

“This isn’t turning out to be the spicy adult romance I wanted,” she said. “I need something to cleanse my palate.” She then turned to me, eyes widening. “Hey, why don’t you try writing a story in the genre?”

My knee-jerk reaction was to laugh. At the time, I was sitting comfortably on my self-appointed throne as queen of young-adult romance and contemporary stories. Writing a love story that was equal parts touching as it was sexy? That was a no from me.

But my roommate narrowed her eyes and said the three words she knew would get me rising to the challenge in no time, three words that kicked me off on one of the best writing experiences of my life.

“I dare you.”

And, boy, did I do that dare good. Here’s why you should too.

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