Is Writer’s Block a Thing?: The Writer’s Block Expose – By William L. Hahn…

on Anne R. Allen:

Other than a single flash piece before Christmas, I haven’t written a solitary word on my epic fantasy world in more than a year. And holy crow, do I need to. Not only do I have a complete, well-envisioned novel in front of me. Not only is that ripping tale of Hope and derring-do the start of a mega-cool trilogy. No, it’s worse than that…

Books 2 and 3 have already been published for years.

So don’t come to me singing your sad tales of what-could-have-been with your writing. I know from screwed up Muses and delayed dreams, trust me.

And I know another thing: I’m not suffering from Writer’s Block right now. I’m simply not writing.

But I HAVE had “it”, to the extent that something so perilous and widespread can be called a single thing. I know this malady, or at least, some of its chief variants. I want to show you some of what I’ve experienced, read and heard from colleagues. I’m sure it’s not a comprehensive review. I think it makes sense. I hope it will help.

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