Meet Guest Author, Janet C. Smith…

I’ll get this out of the way quickly; my children’s novel is Gritta & the Witches of Olavland which is a second edition to Krog the Prince Frog. Suitable for ages approx. 8-12, it’s also a fun family read.

Now, I’m making my journey around the world, in email terms, on a sort of publicity Phileas Fogg trek. Phileas Fogg circumnavigated the globe in 80 days. I’m 70 days post publication, and have only got to the letter E of the Booksellers Association list. Libraries, reviewers, and anything else I can think of, have taken the roll on my keyboard, which needed a new battery recently.

There has to be a point where one says, ‘I’ve really got to get on with something else!’ Meaning writing something else, which is hard, and requires kicking oneself before publicity for one’s baby becomes a kind of obsession.

Practice makes for improvement, and it’s important I think, not to become stuck in the mire of publicity seeking. Do your best, and move on, move on.

Gritta & the Witches of Olavland is published by Dragon’s Claw, an imprint of Fiction4All. Publication was free, but I provided unedited input – text, illustrations, cover, and so is classified as ‘self-publication’. It is advertised on various sites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Smashwords, but not having a traditional publisher’s marketing muscle behind it, needs much author perspiration.

Historically I’ve written features for magazines & newspapers, had a play on R4, short stories on local radio, and now mainly write plays for amateur stage. Gritta and the Witches of Olavland is my first novel (2nd edition) for children, and I have a fondness for it. It has good reviews and I shall plod on.

I’m rotten at anything digital, and can just about manage an occasional blog on my Goodreads Author page, and I’m very happy to answer questions.

I’m also happy for up to six readers wishing to review ‘Gritta and the Witches of Olavland‘ (or their children!); just message me through my Goodreads Author Page (link below) and I will respond. The offer is for ebooks, in exchange for honest reviews.


All my stage work, plays, murder mysteries, monologues,sketches & plays for children to perform, can be read free online, downloaded for a small fee, and if performed, a very reasonably priced performing licence is required. Please see

Scripts for Stage




Barnes & Noble





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