7 Tips to Using Magic Tricks in Fantasy Fiction

Legends of Windemere

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When you think of magic in fiction, you tend to think of fireballs, flight, and all of the flashy spells used in fantasy.  Not surprising since these are the spells that people want to see in these stories.  Yet, there could be a use for the simpler tricks that we have in reality as well as weaker spells that you would learn as a novice.  Writers will overlook them because they are limited or ‘lame’, but including them in a character’s repertoire can open up some opportunities. How?

  1. Never underestimate the ‘sleight of hand’ skill or spells.  We associate this ability to have something appear or disappear from the hand with thieves and bards, but it can be used by others.  A spell version can be used to distract or confuse an enemy.  One trick could be hiding the physical components of a spell or ritual to…

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