7 Deadly Query Sins: How to Write a Query That Won’t End Up in Spam – by Anne R. Allen…

When a writer complains that everybody in traditional publishing is crooked, or that the whole industry is rigged against new writers, you can usually be sure the author’s manuscript needs work. But it could also be that he doesn’t know how to write a query.

I know some excellent writers who can’t get a nibble from an agent or editor. And if they self-publish, they can’t get reviews. So why are they getting rejections?

It’s possible their negative attitude may be showing through their queries. The complainers can create a self-fulfilling prophesy with disrespectful query letters.

The most brilliant book in the world will get serial rejections if the query shows the writer doesn’t respect the query recipient.

If you don’t visit a website before querying, chances are you appear disrespectful. The information you need to write a good query is on the website: recipient’s name, what they are looking for, and usually, guidelines. If you fail to visit the website, your query will probably disappear into the spam folder, never to be seen by human eyeballs.

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