Launching a Book: Baby, Art or Product? – by Barbara Linn Probst…

on Jane Friedman site:

Authors have different relationships to their books, and thus will make different choices about how to bring those books into the world.

With so many promotional strategies to choose from nowadays—from trailers and Amazon ads to podcasts, panels, bookstagram tours, and book fairs—it’s tempting, especially if this is your first book, to grab items off an a la carte menu in a flurry of suggestibility and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out—that is, of failing to do something you should have done).

Experienced peers may remind you that no one can do everything, and you agree—well, sort of. But without tools for sorting and ranking your options, and without an overarching intention, you may worry that you’ve chosen poorly.

That’s why it’s useful to take a step back and identify your view of your book before deciding which strategies to use. In general, there seem to be three attitudes, particularly toward a debut.

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4 thoughts on “Launching a Book: Baby, Art or Product? – by Barbara Linn Probst…

  1. Vokhtah was definitely my ‘baby’. The only thing I’m sure of about the others is that none of them are really my ‘product’. Perhaps if I could see them that they, it would be easier to do marketing for them. A conundrum. 😦

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  2. Once the book’s ready for publication (and the author is ready for it to be published, not necessarily the same thing 🙂 ) then it is a product and the author has to put on their ‘salesperson’ hat.

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