5 Types of Journaling Writing to Keep You Creative – by Robyn Roste…

on The Write Life:

While I’ve always had a journaling writing practice, it has changed over the years. I began with a mini diary with a lock where I would write who my best friends were, who I had a crush on and the names of my future children. Now, my journals are a hybrid of brainstorms, ideas and things on my to-do list. It’s less structured than I would like, but it still helps me make sense of my thoughts and figure out what I think.

A basic definition for keeping a journal simply means recording daily events. And yet we tend to make it more complicated than that! So, whatever your journaling practice looks like these days, as long as you’re marking time passing, then you’re doing it right. A grocery list, a few notes from a lecture you heard or a formal reflection practice, whatever.

The act of keeping a journal is not a new thing, and there are many different techniques you can use to help you develop an effective journaling practice.

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