The Kindle Vella Experience: Is It for You? – by Audrey Kalman…

on Jane Friedman site:

As a writer of contemporary literary fiction, I had never considered serializing my work. Character-driven, introspective stories don’t often lend themselves to chapter-ending cliff-hangers. Then, a few years ago, I wrote The Last Storyteller, a speculative novel that contains some literary elements but also plenty of action.

Last spring, as I was deciding how best to bring the book into the world, I began hearing about the imminent launch of Amazon’s new Kindle Vella platform, which would offer, as Amazon puts it, “stories told one short episode at a time.” Readers would purchase tokens to gain access to installments of between 600 and 5,000 words. The first three episodes would be available for free.

I was simultaneously intrigued and wary. Like many indie authors, I have a somewhat fraught relationship with the behemoth of bookselling. At the time, I could find little information about how the service would work or even exactly when it would launch. I decided to approach with curiosity and a healthy dose of research and ended up becoming one of the early adopters. I prepared and staged The Last Storyteller in advance of Vella’s official launch, which turned out to be in mid-July.

For authors who may be considering distribution via Kindle Vella, here are a few of the considerations that went into my decision, what tipped me over the edge, and some thoughts about my experience so far.

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