A NEW RELEASE: Deadly Deceit, by Fiona Tarr – PLUS – Death Beneath the Covers, on sale for 99c / 99p until 7th December…


Deadly Deceit:

A Mystery Romance Suspense Novel

(Foxy Mysteries Book 3)

When Liz Jeffreys changed career paths from high-class escort to PI, she knew it would be exciting. What she never expected was to be investigating the attempted murder of Detective Jack Cunningham’s powerful father—not after everything the corrupt Judge had done, especially sanctioning a hit on her.

Jack is close to cracking the case, until his apartment is raided by a specialist task force investigating outlaw motorcycle gangs. When they find drugs, Jack finds himself on suspension and under investigation. Despite their past and his father’s history with Liz, Jack must turn to her to clear his name and solve his father’s case.

With their budding relationship heating up, Liz will do anything to uncover who framed Jack and help clear his name. But is she willing to lay her life on the line to save his father, after everything he’s done?

Curl up, grab a cuppa and indulge yourself with this mystery, slow burn romantic suspense novel. For lovers of J.D Robb, Janet Evanovich and Melinda Leigh.


*  *  *   P   L   U   S   *   *   *

for 99c / 99p until 7th December

Death Beneath the Covers:

A Mystery Romance Suspense Novel

(Foxy Mysteries Book 1)

When an escort turns amateur sleuth to solve a murder, she isn’t above using her skills.

Liz has power, wealth and influence as the Madam of a high-class escort agency. When one of her escorts are murdered, Liz is determined to infiltrate the investigation and bring the killer to justice. But there is just one problem. Detective Jack Cunningham.

Jack is a successful respected detective and doesn’t need a Madam interfering with police business. Although he can’t deny her unique skill set might come in handy, an amateur sleuth will only slow him down and jeopardize his investigation.

Liz enjoys the thrill of the chase, and agitating the handsome detective has become an addiction. Until she uncovers corruption, political turmoil, and secrets more deadly than her friend’s killer. The investigation turns fatal, leaving Liz’s life vulnerable with only one man that can save her.

Buckle up for a fast-paced romantic suspense, crime fuelled drama filled with unexpected twists and turns!


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