What is good writing? – by P.J McNulty…

on The Write Life:

Asking “What is good writing?” sounds a little like the start of an unsolvable riddle.

After all, one person’s definition of good writing would be the kind of prose that would repel another reader. Just look at the popularity of authors like Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown. While a lot of readers and writers heavily criticize their work, surely they’re doing something right to sell so many copies and win so many fans?

In fact, the difference in opinion on what constitutes good writing is the answer to the question itself.

While there is no universal definition of good writing, any writing that pleases the person reading it can be considered good.

Of course, the matter is a little more nuanced than that. While we can agree that satisfying an intended readership is the hallmark of good writing, how exactly does a writer achieve that aim?

Let’s take some time to consider why good writing matters before delving deep into what good fiction and nonfiction writing looks like.

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