Use Your Analyzer Switch to Increase Productivity – by Jessica Conoley…

on Jane Friedman site:

Every writer’s brain contains an analyzer switch. The switch regulates analytical thinking, which is the part of brain that dissects drafts and figures out how to improve projects during revisions. Conversely, it regulates ideaphoria—which is the quality that helps us bang out a first draft in record time because ideas are flowing at an exponential rate.

Most of us have no idea the switch is there. We assume our brain is hardwired at its current static setting. This assumption keeps us saying things like, “I love drafting, but revisions are the worst!” While our critique partner says, “First drafts are stab-my-face-off awful to write. I can’t wait until I have enough words to start revising.” We mope over the skills we seemingly don’t possess (which others have clearly been naturally blessed with), which slows our writing process and triggers a slew of mindset issues.

If any of this sounds familiar, and you wish you could amp up your ideaphoria or analytical abilities, I’ve got great news for you. Your brain isn’t hardwired, it’s fancy and neuroplastic. Therefore, you can improve the weaker side of your writing practice by consciously adjusting the setting on your analyzer.

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