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Courtesy of Canva

Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about the next step after we celebrate a release—or a blog tour.

All the formatting, editing, and your book cover done? The release date has been set, and soon everyone gets to read your masterpiece. Whew! But there is one more thing I do that is a part of the dreaded marketing or saturate the blogosphere with the new release.

There are companies out there who will handle your tours for you, but I’m a more do-it-yourself type of person. So, I reach out to my amazing blogging friends and ask for help.

Colorful word tour
Courtesy of Canva

Here are some ideas to help your tour go smoothly.

  1. Know when you want to have your tour. Same day? Over a week or a month? Let your hosts pick what works for them. There are programs to do this or have specific dates available.

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