Audiobooks on YouTube: How to Listen for Free – by The Book Designer…

Audiobooks have absolutely boomed in popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Today’s lifestyle means that most people spend a lot of time on the go, whether that means they’re commuting to and from work, juggling a few different jobs, or managing household affairs. People are often looking for something to fill that time, especially ‘dead’ time like commuting which would otherwise be spent in silence or listening to the radio.

And this boom is a great thing! Audiobooks make books more accessible, and having an easier way to read means people are likely to read more. However, audiobooks can get expensive, and while some people will go back and listen to audiobooks again and again, a lot of readers might feel hesitant about dropping so much money on a book they’ll listen to once.

So, how do we get around that? Free audiobooks! Let’s talk about ‘em.

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