What Is a Glossary? (FAQ & Examples) – by Sarah Rexford…

on The Book Designer:

As writers, it’s easy to focus on the writing of the book itself, the main copy. After all, without those thousands of words your book wouldn’t exist. They are crucial.

But there are other parts to a book: Title page, dedication, contents, foreword, acknowledgments, endnotes, etc. Which parts you include depend on the genre that you write. Not all books need endnotes, after all.

However, whatever genre you’re writing, it’s helpful to have a general knowledge base regarding the parts of a book. It’s also beneficial to have a general understanding to draw from should you need to include specific parts in future books.

Depending on the genre of your work-in-progress (WIP), you may or may not need a glossary, but glossaries are a useful tool and are worth discussion.

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