Epub vs Mobi – by Sarah Rexford…

on The Book Designer:

You’ve written your book and now you’re trying to decide what format to use to put it out into the world. Or maybe you’re still considering writing your book but you want to decide which format to use prior to writing.

You’ve come to the right place.

The format you choose to host your book plays a big part in who reads your book and who starts talking about your book. As you’re likely aware, when it comes to marketing, word-of-mouth reviews is one of the best types of marketing.

Writing your book is the first big step. Publishing your book in the format that’s best for your audience greatly influences how much you impact the industry.

One of the big factors in choosing which type of format to use to publish your book comes down to one question: Who is your target audience?

The second big factor to ask is: Where is your target audience most likely to read your book?

And lastly: Which service supports the format your audience is most likely to read?

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8 thoughts on “Epub vs Mobi – by Sarah Rexford…

  1. After reading Jemima’s comment – Since Joel (Friedlander) died earlier this year I’ve noticed a drop-off in the quality of posts on The Book Designer’s site. Understandable, yes, but none-the-less unfortunate.

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  2. There is no either/or … mobi, epub, pdf (because that’s still a thing. I’ve had a few PDF sales on Smashwords, and a sale is a sale) and print.

    This bit is a bit misleading, ‘…You can use both Epub and MOBI and still publish a hard copy version of your book…’ nope, formatting a file for a print book is quite different from an ebook (of any stripe) and I can’t find anywhere in the article that clears that up.

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  3. “You’ve come to the right place.”

    Well, I doubt it. Most of the information provided is either incorrect or irrelevant for publishing your ebook. I have picked some specifics on the original website comments.

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      • Ah, I see it’s awaiting moderation…. This is what I said…
        I’m not sure when you last published your ebook on Kindle. Kindle now not only accepts EPub as the document file, it no longer accepts Mobi for most types of ebook. I can’t remember when the emails came out from KDP, but I was certainly uploading an Epub file in March 21. It still converts it into Mobi for the kindle, but I suspect it screens out some mobi-lookalike software which was making Kindles crash.

        All the other current readers read EPub files, but you still have to send it to your ebook distributor (or the store’s digital interface) to get in the stores.

        It’s a great help because I can save to Epub from my wordprocessor, and I suspect most people can too. We could never save a file direct to Mobi, we had to upload a .docx file to Kindle.

        And you choose your DRM from the KDP publishing screen. Epub or Mobi, or doc file – it all gets the same DRM you choose.
        I could have said more, but I didn’t. Widdershins has picked up some nice points.

        Basically you don’t need to consider your target audience when formatting your book…. where your target audience is buying from is your prime concern.

        And as for the first line ‘which format to use prior to writing [your book]’!!! This is utter garbage.

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