The Ultimate Guide to Print Publishing Options for Indie Authors – by AskALLi Team…

Digital ebooks and audiobooks make up the bulk of income for most indie authors as they are more straightforward to produce and sell but print books remain popular with readers and writers. The Alliance of Independent Authors recommends that indie authors produce print books too and in this post, the AskALLiteam looks at print publishing options for indie authors. Our thanks to Jane Davis for her contributions on short order print and to Hugh Howey for his thoughts on print partnerships with trade publishers.

Print production involves the manufacture, storage, and delivery of the book, all of which must be in place for sales to take place. For a first-time self-publishing author, print production might appear to be a daunting task. However, once you understand your goals, and the options available to you, it’s much easier to make a decision and proceed, step by step.

Your options are threefold:

  • Print on demand, the choice of most indie authors
  • Consignment print, printing books in volume runs or shorter batches
  • Print partnership with a trade publisher or publishing service

We will look at each of these options below but first you need to decide what exactly you want your print book to achieve for you.

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