When to Use Nor (3 Useful Fixes for Writers) – by Sarah Rexford…

on The Book Designer:

Knowing when to use nor in your writing might not seem too important, but it’s a subtlety worth studying.

Writing in the English language can be a bit of a challenge even if English is your first language. There are so many grammatical rules that fluctuate depending on the context of a sentence, such as “I” before “e” except after “c.”

Then we have those difficult phrases. One example is “I couldn’t care less,” which has been misspoken so frequently it now seems acceptable to say “I could care less” (although listeners understand it to mean the speaker could not care less).

People often say “daughter-in-laws” when the correct form is “daughters-in-law.”

And then there is figuring out when to use “a” and “an” when the following word starts with a silent consonant.

These are only a few grammar rules that are easy to confuse. As writers, it’s important to understand grammar rules, just as it’s important to understand writing rules, so you know when, how, and if to break them.

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