Editing Out Your Writing Gremlins

K.M. Allan

Just as every writer has a way to come up with ideas and put them on the page, there are writing gremlins that pop up with every draft they complete.

Sometimes you recognize these gremlins on your own, or sometimes it has to be pointed out to you.

This happened to me recently when I sent my latest work in progress to a round of beta readers.

I knew the draft would flag the odd typo, missed word, or sentence that needed clarity, but there was also a host of writing gremlins I couldn’t see in my work.

Usually, that’s because the gremlin is part of your natural writing style. Or it could be that endless editing has made them invisible. Once you’re aware, however, those gremlins are easy to spot and edit out. Here’s how!

Editing Out Your Writing Gremlins

The Over Written Gremlin

This one pops…

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