Amazon International Markets Explained – By Dave Chesson…

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Table of contents

  • What Happens To Your Book in Other International Markets
  • Recommendation: Analyze Your International Sales First!
  • How to Optimize Your Book for More International Sales

Amazon has 13 different book markets internationally. But, no matter where you are in the world, when you go to publish your book on Amazon, there is only one Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that covers all of those markets, and that’s at

This is a bit odd because if you’re an Amazon Associate, you need to apply for each one of the individual markets. If you’re a shopper, you need a proven Amazon account in each one of the markets. But, not with Kindle Direct Publishing. You just need one account.

So, when we publish, we can either select for Amazon to sell our book in all of their markets or just the original one. But, this begs the questions:

What happens to our book in the other markets?


What can we do to help boost our sales in those other markets?

There are actually steps you can take to help improve your book sales and ranking in markets other than your own. But there are also some limitations and strategies that need to be explored in order to do this correctly.

Therefore, I have created this master guide to help demystify the international book markets of amazon.

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