Front of Store Placement: How and Why – on New Shelves Site…

You walk into your local chain bookstore and see a table filled with cookbooks and a big sign that says “GRILLING COOKBOOKS.” BAM! Right in the front of the store as you walk in. Thousands of eyeballs see those cookbooks every week for a few weeks until the table gets turned into a “BACK TO SCHOOL” display. How does one get on the coveted book table? Why were those books chosen and not others?

The August Book Table Begins in February

The process for an August “Grilling” book table started back in February. The sales reps from publishing houses meet with the buyers in the corporate bookstore chain’s main office on a regular basis. Meeting with the buyer of each genre/category for a few minutes, they present all the relevant books they have coming out in summer and then move onto the next buyer to do the same.

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