The remarkable tale of Tar Yurgon’s glass eye

An eye watering tale from Tallis Steelyard 😱

Tallis Steelyard

I have many patrons, both in Port Naain and elsewhere. One is Chris, whose hirsute portrait appears on his blog. It was he who pointed out the picture above and asked if I knew the story behind it. I do, it’s all to do with Tar Yurgon’s glass eye.

It must be admitted that Tar Yurgon is no artist. He is certainly not a poet, indeed his sole claim to literary excellence comes from his trade as a ‘freelance journalist.’ Thus and so, little can reasonably be expected from him. Still I was somewhat surprised to go into that somewhat less salubrious establishment, Sattir’s Drop, and discover that they were selling a beer called ‘Tar Yurgon’s Special Select.’

Now I knew that to survive (because nobody is more expendable than a freelance journalist) Tar Yurgon did many things. But I never thought brewing was one of them. Still when I…

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