A 9-Step Plotting Path to a Stronger Novel – By Ann Harth…

on Fiction University:

There are as many ways to plot as there are to write.

There are many methods of developing a plot for a children’s story. I’ve tried dozens. If you don’t count cramping in the lotus position and waiting for the muse to strike, most of these have worked to a degree. But not one gave me the consistent technique I wanted. I finally came up with a visualization that works for me – a plotting path. It’s straightforward, simple and makes me laugh, which is desperately needed at the plotting stage of my writing

The plotting path is based on one specific premise: your relationship with your main character. It will not always be sunny, but love them, respect them and, above all, challenge then. The objective is to make them work for the dubious honor of playing the main role in your story.

Feel free to adjust this plotting path to make it fit into your own style of creating.

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