Blogging Tips

Great tips from, Kate 👍😃

K.M. Allan

Not too long ago I received a notice from WordPress that I’d published my 200th blog post.

In case you’re wondering, that post was the 7 Step Old Manuscript Review Plan, and it’s an example of the blogs I love to write. My faves are about being organized, as that’s what gets me in the creative mood to write and to blog.

Over the 4 years that my blog has been online, I’ve not only learned and published writing tips but sharpened my blogging skills, which is why I thought I’d share with you some tips about blogging.

Blogging Tips

Write About What You Know

It’s a much-touted piece of writing advice, but I’ve found it translates well to blogging too.

All my posts are about what I’ve learned while writing, including topics I studied to strengthen my own manuscripts. Translating that new knowledge into a blog…

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