Top 10 reasons to join a writing community – by Jenna Avery…

on Lisa Poisso site:

As a writer, you’re on a hero’s journey, embarking on a quest to fulfill your call to write, overcoming procrastination and perfectionism, vanquishing criticism and resistance, and navigating the treacherous waters of overwhelm, finally triumphing in a final push to finish and publish and get your book out into the world—and then doing it all over again with the next book, your next quest.

Any hero worth their salt knows they need both mentors and allies along the way. Harry Potter had Dumbledore—and Hermione and Ron. Frodo had Gandalf—and Sam and the Fellowship of the Ring. Luke had Obi Wan—and also Han and Leia. When a hero faces a challenge, they turn to experts and mentors for wisdom and guidance, sure, but they lean on friends and allies.

As writers, we need friends and allies to lean on in the form of a writing community, in addition the team of editors, story coaches, publishers, agents, managers, and producers we rely on for expertise—our Dumbledores and Obi Wans. We also need our friends, allies, peers, and colleagues too—our Sams, Hermiones, and Han Solos.

If ever you’ve doubted the value of finding a community of writers to connect with, here are ten top reasons to look for one of your own.

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