Why Writers Should Take the Risk and De-Isolate – by Lou Normann…

on Live Write Thrive:

Writers isolate. We do.

We want to be alone, we need solitude, we crave the company of one. We all know it.

After all, you’re working on your masterpiece and you can’t be bothered by the phone, the TV, internet, the family, the radio … Okay, well I have heard that many writers write with the tube or music on, streaming media. Stephen King says he writes with hard rock blaring in the background, but most of us need that vacuum of nothingness.

I am one of those. If anything is on while I am writing—it might be the TV with the volume very low just to hear the noise—I’m not paying attention. If you write, the muse needs to run wild, uninterrupted, and be able to fill you with the magic of words, plot and world building.

The art of creation surely stems from ideas springing up in one’s mind and that person’s ability to give it expression, be it literary, musical, painting, or dance. We in the community of the arts want to hone that skill, finalize the product, and share it with the masses. It’s what we do. And most of us do it in isolation until we are ready to unleash.

So, have you considered de-isolation?

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3 thoughts on “Why Writers Should Take the Risk and De-Isolate – by Lou Normann…

  1. I like to say I isolate, but when pandemic hit, I realized how much I did mingle with other writers. Sometimes, it’s just meeting a friend at a coffee shop. We say we’re going to write, but we end up talking a while and usually about what we’re writing. I appreciate it a lot more now that we’re slowing meeting f2f again.

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