Character Motivation: Tips And Tricks

K.M. Allan

When it comes to crafting your characters, one important thing to include is motivation.

It’s not just because motivation will get the story moving forward, but because it will also help you create well-rounded characters readers will relate to and become invested in.

If that sounds like something you want to include in your book, give these tips and tricks a try.

Character Motivation: Tips And Tricks

Show Motivation On The Page

Motivation isn’t just your character needing to be the hero and save the day, it’s why they need to be the hero and save the day.

If they’re taking off toward danger just because, it’s not very interesting. But, if they’re heading toward danger because they once failed to act and it resulted in the death of a friend, and now they want to save others from the same fate, it’s definitely more interesting.

Behind every move…

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