How to be an Everyday Star: Lessons From 4 Famous Authors – by Ruth Harris…

on Anne R. Allen:

What can we learn from authors who have gone from obscurity to success?

The Everyday Star

Are you dreaming of being a *superstar* like Stephen King or Nora Roberts?


Think about it. How realistic is it to imagine that you, too, can be SK or NR?

Do you have any idea of what, specifically, you would have to do to get into to the exalted SK/NR league from wherever you are right now?

Perhaps a bit of attitude adjustment might help.

Do you *really* have to be #1? The first, the best, the greatest?

What about just being an everyday star? Another star among other stars? A writer with a satisfying career or perhaps one with a spot somewhere on the bestseller list?

Do you know what it takes?

Do you know how other, everyday stars got there?

Elmore Leonard’s rules for writers are well known. As are Stephen King’s On Writing and Heinlein’s rules.

Still other everyday stars have shared their routes from category romance fiction, “pieces of paper on the floor” and “a love for page turners” to a place on the bestseller list.

  • Each one started from zero.
  • Each one found a different route to success.
  • Each one encountered obstacles along the way.
  • Each one developed a unique pro mindset.
  • Not one gave up.
  • Not one said it was easy.
  • Not one doesn’t work hard to make every book better than the one before.
  • Not one said s/he’d rather been doing something else.

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