5 Worldbuilding Mistakes to Avoid in Your Sci-Fi Novel

Savannah‘s tips would also work for Fantasy and other genres 👍

Nicholas C. Rossis

Savannah Cordova | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book

This is a guest post by Savannah Cordova. Savannah is a writer with Reedsy, a marketplace that connects self-publishing authors with the world’s best editors, designers, and marketers. She loves science fiction and fantasy.

5 Worldbuilding Mistakes to Avoid in Your Sci-Fi Novel

The science fiction genre presents us with almost unlimited possibilities. No longer bound to the science and logic of life-as-we-know-it, sci-fi writers are able to let their imaginations run wild. In the worlds of our own making, anything goes, right?

But wait just a moment — there are still some ways that your sci-fi world can fall flat. If you want to learn about some of the major pitfalls (and how to avoid them), look no further than this article! We’ll start with the mistake that annoys me the most…

1. Lack of consistency

In order for readers to truly invest in your world, you need them…

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