Writing Organizations – The Good -The Bad – The Ugly

Story Empire

Hello SErs! It’s Jan here today to talk about something I’m sure we’ve all experienced on our writing journey – Writing Organizations and groups.

Courtesy Alexas Fotos – Pixabay

Let’s face it. Writing is a solitary endeavor. We close our doors, isolate ourselves and block out the world while we create worlds. But that’s where the isolation ends. We are not an island unto ourselves when it comes to publishing our work and marketing it to the masses. We need a support system, or two. So, then comes the big question, ‘where do we go to find the support we need and that we can equally reciprocate?’

To find the answer, we often turn to the internet in search of writing organizations or groups that will be the perfect fit for us as individuals. But more often than not, our association with writing groups comes about through personal recommendations or…

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9 thoughts on “Writing Organizations – The Good -The Bad – The Ugly

  1. Unfortunately, since leaping into the writing world about 8 years ago, I’ve joined and, ultimately, left many clubs and organisations. I’ve had my fingers burnt every time. And that’s not mentioning those folks who set themselves up as experts when all the evidence says they are anything but. I wrote a post a while back, asking ‘who gate keeps the gate keepers?’, and I feel this question is more pertinent now than ever.

    Great post and points from Jan over at Story Empire. I’m not currently a member of any groups or clubs. However, I find the writing community a wonderful support and inspiration and a place where we can all share with and help each other without paying high fees or suffering bullying and restrictions. So, HUGE thanks to all you wonderful and supportive writers out there 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Chris🤗💕

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