Self-Publishing is a Business: Don’t Treat it Like a Childish Game – by Anne R. Allen…

Self-publishing isn’t about the author. It’s about pleasing the reader.

Easy self-publishing and the introduction of the e-reader brought seismic changes to the publishing world a decade ago. The “Kindle Revolution” propelled a bunch of smart authors from the slush pile to the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists.

Suddenly writers had choices. Authors who had been bloodying their knuckles on the doors of New York publishing were finally free to seek readers on their own. They could have successful writing careers even though the 20-something NYC publishing gatekeepers from Brown and Wellesley didn’t relate to their work.

From the introduction of the Kindle to the establishment of Amazon’s own imprints, indie authors ruled on “The Zon.” While the big publishers kept their ebook prices sky-high, indies could offer competitive books for under five dollars. It was gold rush time.

Of course not every new indie author succeeded, even back in those days.

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