Accompanying the Writer

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Hello SE friends. Gwen with you today. You might recall that my last several posts focused on typology and how our unique nature affects our writing style. Whether we’re analytical or fanciful, detailed or vague, or have an introspective or other-centered outlook, our fundamental way of approaching life is present in how we write. This fact leads to another consideration. Does our typology guide what or how we read?

It seems only logical that we’d be drawn to those books that resonate with our nature. If we’re more extroverted, for example, wouldn’t we gravitate to a book with a lot of action or engagement? Perhaps a passionate romance or a fast-paced thriller? Maybe …

When I investigated buying patterns, though, I discovered something I hadn’t realized. Indie writers publish around two million books each year. The reading choices are endless, and with just a simple visit to Amazon, a book can…

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