The City that Vanished into the Sea

Add climate change to natural erosion and the shape of our countries will change dramatically 😱

Nicholas C. Rossis

When people speak of climate change, I often think of Dunwich, a town on the Suffolk coast that has almost entirely vanished into the sea.

Dunwich is a pleasant city that consists of just about one street and a museum, a shingle beach, and a nearby forest. As George Etteridge reminds us, though, this was not always the case. Indeed, in the Medieval period, it was a bustling port, sitting in a natural harbor with trade ships going to and fro from ports on the continent. Its population of around 5,000 people enjoyed multiple churches, a market, a guildhall, and even a mint.

At the time of the Norman conquest, it was among the largest settlements in all of England. Some even claim that it is the former capital of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia in addition to the seat of the first Bishop of East Anglia.

Unfortunately for…

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10 thoughts on “The City that Vanished into the Sea

    • The main reason behind Dunwich’s demise is a combination of coastal erosion and isostatic bounce, which is the shift in the underlying geology of the UK. It’s still tilting upwards on the NW and down on the SE since the ice disappeared after the last ice age.
      Rising sea levels from the current rapid climate change are a different issue, but threatening all coastal areas globally.

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      • Living on Earth is like being a can used for target practice by a cross-eyed person. Sooner or later the bullet (meteor) will strike the can.

        One mile-wide meteor can devastate Earth far better than anything we can do to it.

        And then there are solar flares.

        After that, we have tornadoes, hurricane/cyclones, and a constantly shifting Earth.

        “Safe” is an illusion in a world that’s designed to eventually kill us. 😊

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