5 Quick Proofreading Tips That Have Massive Payoffs – by Gabrielle van Welie…

on The Write Life:

Have you ever been afraid of editors thinking you haven’t proofread your piece, even when you definitely have?

Do you re-read your posts ad nauseam, only to still feel a sense of dread when sending your draft?

Yeah, proofreading isn’t fun.

Writing comes with a creative payoff. Editing gives you an authority edge. But proofreading? It’s tedious, boring and never feels like you’re doing it right.

The problem with proofreading is that we seldom look past grammar and spelling. And that’s what most tips for proofreading seem to focus on, but the reality is there’s so much more to it.

Sure, we read through guidelines and try to follow certain styles, but that’s about it. In fact, on a surface level, those do sound like the only things you could do.

Otherwise, you’d just be aimlessly rewriting, no?

Well, what if I told you there’s another level — or five — to proofreading?

This might sound like we’re entering editing territory, but I promise you we aren’t. This deeper proofreading is still an incredibly contained system, meaning you won’t feel tempted to rewrite everything (as often happens when you edit your own work).

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2 thoughts on “5 Quick Proofreading Tips That Have Massive Payoffs – by Gabrielle van Welie…

  1. Gosh! Its all about grammar, and i am sometimes very far from it. -( Lets hope it will change with more reading. Thank you for sharing all these useful postings, Chris! Psst: I should try to write poems, but there i have the problems with the metrics. Lol Michael

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