5 ways to unveil action affecting an unconscious viewpoint character – by Louise Harnby…

You’re writing in third-person and your viewpoint character has become unconscious. However, you want the reader to understand how their discovery and recovery come about, and without head-hopping. Here are 5 ideas for how to tackle it.

What’s covered in this post

Start at the top if you’re new to viewpoint, or jump straight to the solutions if you’ve already nailed it but are wondering what to do about your oblivious point-of-view character.

> Protagonists versus viewpoint characters
Why an unconscious character can’t be a POV character
Head-hopping, narration style and number of POV characters
The setup – a fictive piece of fiction!
Solution 1: Create a new section or chapter with a new POV character
Solution 2: Create a new section or chapter and switch narration style
Solution 3: Unveil through dialogue
Solution 4: Unveil through data
Solution 5: Use emotional reflection

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