Should Your Book Have a Prologue? – by Dana Isaacson…

on Career Authors:

I love prologues more than epilogues. No doubt that signifies something about my personality but keep your comments to yourself.  Some people love prologues, others hate them, and authors might be shocked to discover that sometimes readers even skip them.

In writing circles, a bold question rings out: Are prologues even necessary? Why not avoid confusion and label this material Chapter One?

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One thought on “Should Your Book Have a Prologue? – by Dana Isaacson…

  1. Excellent article, thank you! To me, the prologue of a novel should be like the opening scene of, for example, a thriller. The audience is shown a critical snippet of something. It could be a murder, a theft, or even an accident. Whatever it is, that event will have a critical impact on the story, but not necessarily in a direct fashion. It will also set the tone for what’s to come. But it really does have to be /short/.
    In my own writing I cheat a bit. I don’t name my prologues. They are simply short scenes that come before Chapter 1. Poetic licence. 😀

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