Are Literary Agents – Or Authors — Full Of Crap? – by Brian Feinblum…

on Book Marketing Buzz Blog:

There’s a lot of anger and frustration felt by authors over literary agents brewing out there. It’s been going on for some time. Writers are so frustrated in trying to land a literary agent that they are giving up. They curse what they see as an unfair process that is imposed by what they view as a bunch of elitist gatekeepers. Authors question why their quality works are ignored or dismissed by the middle men who could otherwise make their publishing dream come true.

Authors are baffled as to why their book is shelved while other ones get the green light. They feel frustrated that agents make decisions based on limited, undisclosed metrics, few of which have to do with whether a book is actually any good. And exactly who are these agents and how did they get into such a position to be a dream-killer?

So, all of this begs the question: Are literary agents full of crap? Or authors?

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4 thoughts on “Are Literary Agents – Or Authors — Full Of Crap? – by Brian Feinblum…

  1. Most of the new books I get via Net-galley are better than many of the indie books I read. But I only take a fraction of the books on offer, because most of them seem to have dire, repetitive and over-blown blurbs.
    Not sure what that says about trad publishers, but still…

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