Beads and no socialising

The trouble with guest speakers- they often talk too much – and for too long 😂

Tallis Steelyard

Modesty forbids me from entitling an article, ‘Why on earth do I need to hire Tallis Steelyard to run my evening!’ There again, I barely need to, I am far more likely to be contacted by somebody desperate for me to enliven what would otherwise be a long and tedious evening than I am to be harangued as a waste of money.

But it was listening to Maljie and several other ladies discussing these matters that provoked me to write. Here in Port Naain there are any number of groups who meet for various purposes. We have everything, we have philosophical and debating societies, groups who meet to chat together as they knit, political clubs dedicated to the overthrow of civilisation as we know it, we even have literary and poetry societies. Frankly I wouldn’t rate any group more highly than any other. They meet a need. People can talk…

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