Recent Improvements to Amazon KDP



There have been several changes to Amazon KDP recently. Have you noticed?

SERIES. One interesting change is the introduction of the series page and the series manager. It seems like this new tool isn’t 100% complete yet, but it’s a giant step in the right direction. From the publishing end, it makes it easier to manage series. Now you get a series landing page and you can even write a series description (by default it uses the description from the first book).

From the customer’s perspective, there is a change I would personally like to see. When I shop for sci-fi books to read, for example, I see every volume of a series as a separate search result. Sometimes a really popular series has several volumes and these volumes take up a great deal of space when I’m looking for a new book. Seriously, if…

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3 thoughts on “Recent Improvements to Amazon KDP

  1. Cool share, Chris. When I started Dead of Winter, I noticed the series capabilities were better. I didn’t really think about it, I just did it, but yes, it’s worlds better than it was years ago. Earlier this week I fixed the series info to show Pip’s old stories that way too. Great post to shed a light on the feature. Hugs all around.

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  2. I noticed a change when I went to order Author Copies. Instead of shipping each book (and copies of said book) separately from other books, it made me choose a marketplace and sent all my choices there, so I paid only one shipping charge for 2 copies of 13 different books. BIG savings from previous orders.

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