Writing Do’s And Don’ts: Room Settings

K.M. Allan

There are so many things to include when penning a book.

Not only do you need to create relatable characters, a plot that works, and a world that is believable, but you need to fill that world with details.

One thing that can be easy to overlook when it comes to details is room settings. We tend to either info-dump the description or not give any at all. To strike the right balance, give these do’s and don’ts a try.

Writing Do’s And Don’ts: Room Settings

Don’t Describe Everything At The Start

While it may seem logical to get the room settings out of the way and describe every inch of the surroundings as soon as your character enters them, this can drag the scene down. Instead, try spreading the description throughout.

Get into the habit of only mentioning what’s necessary first, such as the door the MC walks…

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