The Online Scammer Gremlins Are After You and Your Money – by Dr. Judith Briles…

on The Book Shepherd:

Being online more hours than not is the new norm for most. Birthing as 2020 rolled out with all things COVID, predators, and scammers multiplied, creating a mecca for their schemes and pilfering.

Scams and cons are not uncommon. In the spring of every year, unsolicited phone calls claiming IRS moneys are generated to unsuspecting Americans who are collectively bilked out of mega millions of dollars.

Note: the IRS does not initiate calls to taxpayers … it only communicates via US mails. It does not communicate via email.

Today, there is a hike of emails flowing your way via email that have fraud as their goal either demanding a month or stating that you have authorized a charge on your account or credit card. Pay attention.

This past month, I’ve had multiple SOS emails from clients asking about emails they’ve received … are they legit? Demands for money, notices of orders coming their way … what should they do? Many have come with “Amazon” in the lead line of the notice.

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3 thoughts on “The Online Scammer Gremlins Are After You and Your Money – by Dr. Judith Briles…

  1. Great informatioin, and also very useful! We can always trust into the officials. As the internet has celebrated its thirty birthday our state is traditional as in ancient times. Never hope getting a email before 2040. Lol Michael

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