11 Ways to be a Better Creative Writer – by Janice Wald…

on Mostly Blogging:

Colleges teaching creative writing are under scrutiny.

Creative writing remains one of the most in-demand majors among modern students.

While it classes teaching creative writing attract myriads of wannabe writers worldwide, the question arises: Can creative writing be considered an academic discipline?

Thus, some people believe that you must be born an author, as real writers have a natural gift to convey important messages through their writings.

On the contrary, others are sure that those who wish to become an author should be taught the nuances of writers’ work at educational institutions.

It is due to the latter opinion that today’s colleges and universities offer creative writing classes in their curricula.

Interestingly, such an educational subject can be useful for enthusiastic amateur writers and those who don’t plan to turn their hobbies into lucrative professions.

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