Writing Truthiness … the Author’s Golden Egg! – by Judith Briles…

on The Book Shepherd:

Not a week goes by where authors I’m working with or places that I’m speaking at that, where I don’t get this question: Do you have any quick tips for getting unstuck in writing?

My answer has multiple components, but it starts with one word: Yes

We all get stuck once in a while … so know that you aren’t alone. First, take a break—meaning—transition and move your head to another place. Whether it’s a TV series blitz, a movie day, friend day, moving yourself to a different location, and just absorbing what’s around you … take a break. It’s the first thing I do.

Or this has a talk, a mug of your favorite tea, even a glass of wine, with your “ideal” reader. This is a “virtual” chat—put the laptop top-down; imagine that he or she is directly opposite of you.

What’s new?

What problems are you facing?


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