How the Highlighter Tool Can Help You Write Faster – by Joan Koster…

on Fiction University:

The faster we write our first draft, the more unified in tone and voice it will be. Writing fast also helps get us into that marvelous state of creativity when words just flow onto the page. Anything that interferes with that flow is a problem.

Turning off all notifications, blocking access to email and the Internet, and putting a do-not-disturb sign on our doors are all smart steps to take. However, sometimes we face mental interruptions within the writing process itself—a word we can’t remember, a section or plot point we aren’t sure about, or even the dreaded writer’s block.

Mental distractions, such as these, need a different approach. To move forward on our drafts, we need to reassure our minds we will not forget to come back to that spot later during the revision process.

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